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Sadness, happiness, being chilled, feeling animated, being in love … these are all moods that correspond to different types of song.

Usually, you know when you are in a particular mood what songs to listen to, but what do you do if those same old tracks are starting to bore you? One option is to let Stereomood advise you which songs fit best with the state of mind you are in.

Instead of searching for a named artist or track, Stereomood goes looking for a mood. As well as this, Stereomood can suggest an activity such as sleeping, getting dressed, running, etc.

Once you have made your choice, you are presented with a list of tracks that play automatically. All of these suit the description that you have picked.

With a user's account (free to register) you can make your own playlists, share them and suggest new tags for each song that will define the mood or activity.
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